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Businesses require a lot of insurance whether it’s a small start-up or a huge franchise. Mistakes, accidents and lawsuits happen frequently and it’s crucial to stay protected. While there are several different types of liability insurance for nearly every industry, these policies don’t cover everything. READ MORE >>

Nearly every business in the United States requires workers compensation. Injuries and accidents are frequent in the workplace, especially in construction and other physical labor industries. But when you do get injured, what does workers compensation do to help? READ MORE >>

As a small business owner, you seek to serve your community in practical ways. However, the closer you get to the community, the greater your risk of causing them harm. If they blame you for such occurrences, you could stand to lose a lot of money, business and productivity. READ MORE >>

Business insurance is a policy in place for a set number of months or years. Most of the time, companies renew their policy year after year without thinking much about the process. Yet, that can be a costly mistake. A good time to review your policy is during the renewal period. READ MORE >>

Every workplace has its own unique risks. Some are more obvious like performing construction work or driving trucks for a living, but even a quiet office environment can be risky at times. The most common office injuries are tripping, slipping and falling. READ MORE >>

The price of gas is only going up these days. With the amount of miles most Americans drive each day for work and other activities, this expense can add up quickly, affecting how much money you have to budget for other living expenses. But, there is hope! You don’t have to go buy an electric car, or cash in your car for a bike, just yet. READ MORE >>

Businesses that own vehicles have to have someone to drive them. Sometimes, the business owners themselves operate the cars in question. In other cases, employees might drive the cars, either every day or as part of an infrequent duty. Other times, an employee might drive their own car for business. READ MORE >>

When you build a workforce in your business, your employees will be your biggest assets. However, they are also your biggest liabilities, in many ways. That’s particularly true when employees become problems for the business’s reputation. Employee misconduct or dishonesty is something that might happen, as much as you try to avoid it. READ MORE >>

Hurricane Dorian is approaching the Florida coast and is expected to make landfall over the Labor Day Weekend.  As of 11am Friday, August 30th, it is still uncertain where the eye of the storm will come ashore.  However, one thing is certain, many Floridians will be impacted by Dorian who is expected to strengthen to a Category 4 Hurricane prior to making landfall. READ MORE >>

Tanenbaum Harber Helps Bahamian Recovery Efforts BY: Fred Jove Hurricane Dorian is finally gone but has left a path of destruction in its wake.  Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane was a long lived and extremely powerful storm whose top wind speeds were sustained at 185 MPH and whose central pressure dropped as low as 910 millibars. READ MORE >>

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