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Customers or other visitors to your business might get hurt on the premises at any time. If they do, then the costs of recovery might not fall only on the injured party, but also on the business. Therefore, you might have to repay that person. Or, they might even sue you because they blame you for their injuries. READ MORE >>

Within your business, you’ll keep a lot of items. You might even own the building in which your company operates. These physical assets have monetary value besides their practical values. Therefore, you don’t want anything to happen to them. READ MORE >>

Throughout your life, you will have multiple types of insurance policies. For example, even in your own home, multiple policies might exist. Your auto, homeowners, renters, boat, RV or motorcycle coverage might all rest in your file cabinets. Each will likely contain liability insurance. READ MORE >>

If you get hurt on the job, you might face significant injuries. You also might have to take time off work during your recovery. Therefore, even as you encounter medical bills and recovery costs, you might also not be able to keep your paycheck. That could make your financial losses all the more compounded. READ MORE >>

There are numerous liability risks present in any business. Even professional office settings have their risks. Some of these are not readily-visible in the way that injury or property damage risks might be. Sometimes, even your professional services can cause harm to others. READ MORE >>

Every business owner, particularly directors & owners, want to make the right decisions for their company, shareholders and clients. However, mistakes can happen. If they do, then the blame might fall squarely on company principals’ shoulders. READ MORE >>

Now that spring is upon us, construction jobs in your area are likely starting to pick up steam. Good weather and fair skies open up a lot of working hours if you are a contractor. Still, as temperatures rise, you have to keep an eye on them. Long hours of manual labor in the heat could easily cause you or your employees to get hurt without even knowing it. READ MORE >>

In the North Atlantic, hurricane season starts on June 1. It will last until Nov. 30, and there’s no guarantee that a hurricane will strike only between those dates. One could happen even as early as today, in the middle of spring. When a hurricane does threaten your community, you likely won’t have a lot of time to get ready for the potential damage. READ MORE >>

When running a business, you want to make convenient use of your insurance policies. Juggling multiple policies might seem like a hassle. To avoid this, you might decide to invest in a Business Owners Policy, more often called a BOP. Still, while very beneficial to most business owners, BOPs don’t cover everything. READ MORE >>

Your commercial auto policy will have coverage limits tailored to the needs of your business. Furthermore, your policy will address your unique risks and needs as a driver. Therefore, your personal cost burdens will vary. However, one personal cost that you will almost always have to pay is your coverage deductible. READ MORE >>

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