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Businesses that own vehicles have to have someone to drive them. Sometimes, the business owners themselves operate the cars in question. In other cases, employees might drive the cars, either every day or as part of an infrequent duty. Other times, an employee might drive their own car for business. READ MORE >>

When you build a workforce in your business, your employees will be your biggest assets. However, they are also your biggest liabilities, in many ways. That’s particularly true when employees become problems for the business’s reputation. Employee misconduct or dishonesty is something that might happen, as much as you try to avoid it. READ MORE >>

Hurricane Dorian is approaching the Florida coast and is expected to make landfall over the Labor Day Weekend.  As of 11am Friday, August 30th, it is still uncertain where the eye of the storm will come ashore.  However, one thing is certain, many Floridians will be impacted by Dorian who is expected to strengthen to a Category 4 Hurricane prior to making landfall. READ MORE >>

Tanenbaum Harber Helps Bahamian Recovery Efforts BY: Fred Jove Hurricane Dorian is finally gone but has left a path of destruction in its wake.  Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane was a long lived and extremely powerful storm whose top wind speeds were sustained at 185 MPH and whose central pressure dropped as low as 910 millibars. READ MORE >>

You strive to protect your car. It’s got a lot of value to you. However, it might not represent the same value and importance to someone else, and they might try to make a victim of both you and the vehicle. Some might deface or vandalize your car, for a variety of reasons. READ MORE >>

Suppose that for many years, you have operated your business from a rented property. However, now might be the time that you relocate to a permanent location. To make sure the space meets your needs, you might decide to build an entirely new property. READ MORE >>

Customers or other visitors to your business might get hurt on the premises at any time. If they do, then the costs of recovery might not fall only on the injured party, but also on the business. Therefore, you might have to repay that person. Or, they might even sue you because they blame you for their injuries. READ MORE >>

Within your business, you’ll keep a lot of items. You might even own the building in which your company operates. These physical assets have monetary value besides their practical values. Therefore, you don’t want anything to happen to them. READ MORE >>

Throughout your life, you will have multiple types of insurance policies. For example, even in your own home, multiple policies might exist. Your auto, homeowners, renters, boat, RV or motorcycle coverage might all rest in your file cabinets. Each will likely contain liability insurance. READ MORE >>

If you get hurt on the job, you might face significant injuries. You also might have to take time off work during your recovery. Therefore, even as you encounter medical bills and recovery costs, you might also not be able to keep your paycheck. That could make your financial losses all the more compounded. READ MORE >>

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